You’ll find me with my camera in my hand chasing the light, your love, and my babies (always chasing my babies). 

A mother and photographer residing in Jacksonville, NC. I have a deep love for farm houses, florals, the country side and Jesus. I love to hug everyone, more than likely my arms will be extended to you as we meet before your session and as we end!

If you were to ask me what started this incredible journey my answer would be.. my children. I wanted to document every moment of my daughter’s life the second she was born so I picked up a camera and the love only grew from there. And now that I am a mom of two, my love for photography has grown as I capture my babies lives one image at a time.

My passion for photography grants me the opportunity to work with so many incredible souls. And knowing that I am able to gift you with your most precious memories in a frame makes this job so incredibly special.